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Increase impact of your Professional Knowledge & Client Care with Exceptional Human Experience 


  • Challenges of digital service business, high volume client interactions, quality linked data, privacy and interoperability requirements..

  • Your AI/VR/AR Technology  partner with you, design scalable & cost effective AI solutions, use best-in-class technology platforms & industry standards to accelerate your digital transformation.  

  • We strive to lower your AI adoption risks, use customer centered designs, scalable architecture & consulting as a service

  • We aim to evolve your client's experience, through personalized intelligent digital assistants services.”

Accelerate Proof of Concepts 

Let us help you design your Digital Knowledge Networking platform enabling your automated consumer-centric digital business services.


Leveraging a flexible and cost effective multi-phased consulting  service provisioning model- Pay for what you need.

From Idea to a Minimum Valuable Service using our proven IDEAL methodology (Ideate, Design, Explore, Assess, Launch).


AI Expertise: Data Analytics, Networking & Privacy Strategy 

  • Looking to grow your business but not sure where to turn?

  • Need help planning or executing your next project?


Let us share our hands on expertise.


Most operations can benefit from AI-assisted process automation and optimization, with small incremental changes.


Building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.

Smart Conversational Digital Assistant Services

Our Exxoteck framework simplifies strategic roadmap planning:

  • Alignment between Customer needs & product feature fit

  • Legal Compliance & Cybersecurity considerations 

  • Standardized metadata & harmonized data architecture

  • Collaborative Knowledge Refinery

  • Simplified search & interoperating across various data silos

  • Automatic Machine Learning & customer case classification

  • Triage to specialists, diagnostics & rapid risk assessments

  • Treatment Action planning & Recommendation services.

Thought Leadership


We can help you with technology selection strategy, through the initial exploration and use case discovery phase, avoid costly reworks, apply best fit, cost effective and necessary data analytics, policy  compliance, data science that create valuable impact.

We love to partner with you from start to finish, designing high quality and scalable solutions.

Data Analytics Strategy & AI-Enabled Business Services 


  • Is your data scattered across many custom data applications make it difficult to search & draw business insights?

  • Is the demand for expert advisory services of your staff exceeds their availability?


  • Do you need to scale high volume of diagnostic and exploratory tasks and automate pattern detection?


  • Do you need to predict product and service offerings that can increase your customers' continuous engagement?

Smart Business Solutions 

Smart Business Expert Knowledge Services

With years of experience, our founders, staff and Data Scientists have a broad and deep set of expertise to take your business to the next level via :

  • Best Fit AI platforms & tools,

  • Image and text analytics,

  • Process automation & agent collaboration ,

  • Customer communication,

  • Client continuous engagement,

  • Conversational AI,

  • Autonomous monitoring & operation,

  • Smart Voice enabled digital assistants,

  • Expert Question and Answering services,

  • Customer Care Advisory systems.

About US

We help professional service organizations optimize their administration, enhance their customers' experience and reduce risks by automating their business analysis, knowledge discovery, scaling their expert service delivery with enriched conversational AI.


Meet our partner





Workforce Development

Workforce skills development and career certificate training content development, AI-enabled Digital Learning Assistant, training service delivery.  Offered courses in Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Salesforce business solutions. 

Patent Document Analytics

Scaled and accelerated response to Patent Office Action notification workflow by automating Office Action media analytics, AI-enabled core feature exploration, template  design, data extraction, summarization and cloud data storage services

Customer Portal

Enhancing Health Service patient engagement using HIPPA standards, NIH framework. medical knowledge modeling, data integration , sentiment analysis and conversational AI services.

Data Analytics Consulting as a Service Framework:

4 Service package - From Service Strategy to Solution deployment 


  • Digital Discovery: Is your data scattered across many custom data applications make it difficult to search, analyze & draw business insights?

  • Grow Success: Is the demand for your expert professional services exceeding your experts availability?

  • Scale Quality:  Do you need to scale high volume client engagement, image diagnostic, search related data to automate predictable patterns?

  • Exponential Value: Do you need to predict product and service demands to differentiate your digital business operation & Customer care outcome?



Domain expertise

We are specialized in Web standards, Semantic Social Web technologies, Digital Libraries, Data Transformation, Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, AI/ML/NLP/AR/VR, Virtual Knowledge Graphing, Digital Intelligent Assistant chat and dialog services, Search engines, abstract modeling, and knowledge discovery services.




We aim to advance humanity and quality of life for everyone with ethical, sustainable and practical use of advance technologies and business practices.

We specialize in Digital Content Transformation, Knowledge Engineering, AI, Internet of Things and blockchain based application services.

Our mission is to help enterprises organize their customer & product information assets into machine understandable models enabling implementation of “digital brain” augmenting staff capacities and capabilities making informed decisions, better valued forecasts and realize positive impact.